Musical concerts and recitals
Choose license Do I need a licence for my activity?

​If you use protected works on your activitys, then you need to obtain permission from the corresponding copyright holders. We are conscious it is impossible to obtain permission from all the individual authors, but you needn’t worry; to be able to use any musical or audio-visual work which is part of the repertoire of SGAE, whether it is Spanish or from abroad, you will need our licence to make use of such repertoire and increase the profitability of your business.

SGAE Archive: Rental of orchestral parts

Examples of fees




Ticket Prices Audience of up to 75
Audience of up to
150 persons
Audience of up to
225 persons
Audience of up to 300 persons
<=6€ 15,40 € 32,09 € 50,06 € 69,29 €
<=9€ 23,10 € 48,12 € 75,07 € 103,95 €
<=12€ 32,35 € 67,38 € 105,11 € 145,53 €
<=18€ 46,21 € 96,25 € 150,16 € 207,91 €
<=25€ 68,42 € 142,55 € 222,39 € 307,93 €
<=32€ 95,11 € 195,07 € 304,31 € 421,36 €
<=40€ 123,82 € 251,80 € 392,80 € 543,88 €
>40€ 155,87 € 310,58 € 484,50 € 670,85 €


For reasons of space, the information shown in the present table is an extract or summary of the section on the corresponding rate; you can find full information on your rate and all the details regarding its application by clicking on the following link ​​​​​​​

What does this licence include?

  • Live music

    Use of the SGAE musical repertoire through live performances.​

Deductions and rate reductions

​Benefit by up to 20% of the rate amount, by meeting the following requisites:

- Deductions:

· 5% for the Usage Declaration, by directly handing in to SGAE the usage declarations for the works used in the event.

· 5% for advanced payment, for cases of events in which the legally authorized capacity for the event venue is 1,000 persons or less (300 persons or less in the case of symphony music concerts or recitals) and the organizer has chosen the fixed rate option.

- Discounts:

· 10% for events held in local or spaces whose capacity, justified with the corresponding administrative leave does not exceed 1,000 (thousand) people and had signed the authorization and had chosen the percentage rate.

- Rate Reduction:

· Members of an Association with which SGAE has signed an Agreement, who are up to date in payment, and have signed the corresponding Contract-Authorization, will benefit during the term of said Contract-Authorization from a 5% rate reduction on SGAE General Rates.

SGAE has signed partnership agreements with multiple sector associations. Consult the existing agreements for this market.​

- Agreement with ARTE (22-01-2014).​​

- Amendment of Agreement with ARTE.​​​​​

- Deductions, discounts and rate reduction.​​​​​​

¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

Solicita aquí tu licencia y un representante de SGAE se pondrá en contacto contigo para la formalización del contrato


¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

Solicita aquí tu licencia y un representante de SGAE se pondrá en contacto contigo para la formalización del contrato