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Choose license Do I need a licence to organise this kind of activity?

If copyrighted works are used for the organization of this kind of activity, permission must be obtained from the copyright owners concerned. We know it is impossible to get permission one by one from all the owners. However, this is not a problem because thanks to our SGAE licence you can use any protected musical or audiovisual material, whether from Spain or abroad, and enjoy the universal repertoire that the SGAE manages.

Examples of fees

For reasons of space the information shown in this table is an extract or summary of the relevant fees. For information about full fees and all the details of their application, use the following link. ​

What does this licence include?

  • Music

    ​Use of the SGAE musical repertoire through any medium (radio, TV, CD, the Internet, juke box, live performances, ...)​

  • Audio-visual

    ​Use of the SGAE audio-visual repertoire through any medium (TV, the Internet, laser disc, DVD, video, ...)

  • Radio and television

    ​Consults the paragraph Broadcasting​​

  • Stage Arts

    Consults the paragraph of Stage Arts

Deductions and rate reductions

Enjoy up to 25% discount on the fee

¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

Solicita aquí tu licencia y un representante de SGAE se pondrá en contacto contigo para la formalización del contrato


  • Who gets the money you collect?

    ​It is distributed among the authors or registered holders (direct members and members of foreign entities) in accordance with the works used and how they are used, in the light of the direct documentation furnished and on the basis of statistics or surveys.

  • Are the royalties included in the fee paid to the group?

    No. This fee is the amount established by the performing group and which it receives for its work as a performer. Copyright belongs to the authors regardless of whether they are the performers or not. That is to say, there are cases where the performer is also the author, but many others where this is not so. Therefore, in the strict sense copyright should not be confused with related, contiguous or neighbouring rights, which correspond to the performers, both being independent, compatible and cumulative. Furthermore, copyright will almost always be managed by a performance rights organisation, in Spain the SGAE, which collects the royalties corresponding to the use of works, regardless of the fee the group charges for its musical performance.

  • Why does the SGAE manage public communication rights?

    ​The mission of the SGAE is to manage the rights of its members in any form of Public Communication. In other words, “any and all act whereby a number of persons are able to have access to the work without the prior distribution of copies to each of them”.

    What use is the SGAE for users of musical, theatrical and audio-visual works?

    The SGAE facilitates the prior authorization users need to be able to make use of the works of authors, so that they do not have to approach each individual author separately, something impracticable without the benefits of collective management.

  • Who has to be contacted to process an authorization?
    Requests for the authorization of pre-existing music to be included in dramatic works at the request of a theatre company or whoever is planning to carry out the production must be made to the Stage Arts Licensing Area.

¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

Solicita aquí tu licencia y un representante de SGAE se pondrá en contacto contigo para la formalización del contrato