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What constitutes musical publishing?

The main activity is the defence and protection of musical works and the dissemination of music and collaboration with rights management entities or similar institutions, as well as, in particular, the SGAE itself, in which music publishers participate in its Organs of Governance through the College of Publishers. Musical Publishers are full members of the SGAE (hence the E for "Editores" in its Spanish acronym) and as such they may be Individual Publishers, Publishing Authors (where the Author of the work has incorporated an ad hoc publishing company), Independent Publishers or International Publishers. These publishers represent the Local and/or International repertoires (the works of Authors signed up to Management Entities other than the SGAE). Publishers hold certain rights in these works, just as the Authors do. Acting directly and outside the scope of the activities entrusted to the SGAE, Publishers can license their rights individually in the case of Sync Licences, Scores, Lyrics, etc.​​