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Why do I have to request authorization to use musical works en plays, musical dramas and/or choreographic works? What is the cost of this authorization? How much does it cost to use music?

​The Act stipulates that: "whenever created music published by third parties is intended to be used as part of a Major Right work, authorization must be requested from the registered holders of the musical works". Generally speaking, musical works are registered with the SGAE by their registered holders, the authors and publishers whose authorization must be sought and, in the case of foreign works, these are also registered as they have been sub-licensed by foreign publishers to national publishers.

The processing of this authorization is free of charge and is done through our licensing services.

The price for the use of musical works is set by the registered holders of the works, their authors and publishers. The authors and publishers of music commonly ask for a percentage of the box-office takings but they may ask for a specified sum. The terms and conditions are stipulated by the registered holders of the work and the SGAE merely communicates these conditions to the applicant.