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How is a dramatic work registered?

First of all, it is necessary to recall that the concept of "Major Right" embraces theatrical works in general, in other words those created basically for Public Communication through a stage performance. This concept therefore comprises dramatic works, musical dramas (operas, zarzuelas, etc.), choreographic works and mime performances. It is no longer necessary for a work "to have been put on", i.e. performed in public for it to be entered on the SGAE's Register. The date and venue of the premiere is not compulsory. On the form provided for the declaration of the work, you will have to include the following details:

- Title of the work (if it is an adaptation of a pre-existing work in the public domain, or a translation, the title of the original work will also be included. Information the adaptation or translation is of a protected work, you must also provide the written authorization given by the rights holder).

- The genre of the work.

- The duration and number of acts or parts.

- The identification of the author or co-authors and the allocation of their respective percentages in the share-out of the rights.

- Place and date of the declaration and the signatures of all the rights holders participating in the work.

Alongside the authorship declaration, you will also have to attach the libretto for the work (or its adaptation or translation) and, where musical contents are included, a list of the titles, duration and authors. In the case of pre-existing music, you will have to demonstrate the corresponding authorization for their use.​