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What is an SGAE licence? What do you mean by fees?

The licences that the SGAE provides make it easier for clients (repertoire users) to access the immense catalogue of the works it protects (over 10 million titles) without having to request permission from each author individually.


The general tables of fees show the price that the authors and publishers have established for the public use of their creations and are deposited with the Ministry of Culture. These can be consulted either on the web site of the SGAE or on that of the Ministry of Culture and represent a two-fold guarantee for users: equal treatment for all users and legal certainty because they can know in advance how much the works in the SGAE repertoire will cost them if they use them in the course of their own activities.


The amount of copyright charged for using protected works will take into account, among other criteria, the importance, intensity and form of use of the works, i.e. the cost of using a song at a shopping centre will not be the same as in a bar. In addition, the amount is never so great as to affect the client's commercial margins. Fees are not imposed unilaterally but negotiated by the SGAE and agreed with the Associations of Users. ​