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Are there any other copyright management bodies in Spain like the SGAE?

Yes. There are another 7 entities that hold a licence from the Ministry of Culture to work in this field of collective management of intellectual property rights.

·         The Spanish Centre for Reprographic Rights (CEDRO)

·         "Visual", the Management Entity for Plastic Artists (VEGAP)

·         The Audio-Visual Media Copyright Association (DAMA)

·         Spanish Performing Artists Management Society (AIE)

·         Performing Artists Management Society (AISGE)

·         Intellectual Rights Management Association (AGEDI)

·         Audio-Visual Producers' Rights Management Entity (EGEDA)

Further information here (http://www.mecd.gob.es/cultura-mecd/areas-cultura/propiedadintelectual/gestion-colectiva/direcciones-y-tarifas.html)​