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How are the copyright fees received shared out among SGAE members?

The share-out of the sums collected by the SGAE is calculated according to the criterion that each author should share in proportion to how much their work(s) have been used and therefore contributed to the revenue generated.

In order to determine how much corresponds to each registered holder, the SGAE used sophisticated tools enabling it to assign to its members the amounts corresponding to them by processing the playlists and the documentation provided by users in order to identify, one by one, each of the works used.


Around 80% of all copyright fees are received through playlists and these are distributed directly to the corresponding members. This is what happens with the copyright generated on television, in cinemas, at shows and concerts, from the sale of records, etc.


Around 15% is assigned by means of surveys carried out by an external specialist company among hundreds of radio stations, discos, music-bars and similar venues. This is the most effective way of determining the use of works in premises like these.


The remaining 5% is shared out by analogy with one or other of the above procedures.

The copyright fees collected on musical and audio-visual works are settled up with members every three or six months, depending on the kind of exploitation. Copyright derived from Stage Arts works is paid out every month..​