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What is the SGAE?

The “Sociedad General de Autores y Editores”, SGAE, is a private entity devoted to the defence and collective management of the intellectual property rights of its over 110,000 direct members. Of these, 100,623 are authors, 2,160 musical publishers and 7,743 successors (figures from the 2013 Management Report).

Within this collective of creators, 82,678 are musicians in all genres and styles, 8,223 are authors of audio-visual works (screenplay writers, scriptwriters and directors), and 9,722 members are dramatists and choreographers.

Our fundamental mission is to protect and share out the remuneration for our members resulting from the use of their works (reproduction, distribution, Public Communication, transformation and Private Copying) and the management of licences among clients for their use.

Active since 1899, the SGAE today administers a repertoire in excess of ten million musical, dramatic, choreographic and audio-visual works.