The SGAE members approve the accounts for the 2020 financial year 24/Jun/2021

Results of the SGAE 2021 Ordinary General Assembly

The entity distributed 231.9 million euros among its members.

The members approved all the items on the agenda.

The members of the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) have given their approval for the entity's Annual Accounts and the Management, Audit, Transparency and Supervisory Committee Reports for the 2020 financial year, as well as some changes to the Statutes and Regulations, at the Ordinary General Assembly held on telematics yesterday, the 23rd of June. As a health precaution against COVID-19, the voting was exclusively telematic. 100% of the entity's members, currently more than 120,000, were able to use their right to vote.

Approval of the 2020 accounts and management

Regarding the 2020 management report, out of a total of 9.525 votes, 7.810 (81,99%) were in favour, 1.347 were against (14,14%) and 368 abstained (3,86%).

For the 2020 financial year, out of a total of 9.503 votes, 7.770 (81,76%) were in favour, 1.326 were against (13,95%) and 407 abstained (4,28%).

SGAE distributed 231.9 million euros in 2020

SGAE distributed a total of 231.9 million euros among its members in 2020.  At the same time, the entity earned 205.6 million euros, excluding administrative rights, which amounted to 12.9 million euros.

The declaration of successive states of alert and the variable evolution of the pandemic has had a significantly negative effect on businesses, organisations and entities, on holding all kinds of events, on scheduling events, on the activity of the hotel, nightlife and catering sectors, and, in short, on practically all sectors, except those related to essential services. 

In this context, SGAE undertook various initiatives aimed at recovering debts with users, it worked closely with management societies abroad and increased its efforts to achieve the highest possible revenues in Public Communication.

This, together with the excellent performance of Digital Rights driven by the increase in subscriptions to subscription streaming services and improved licensing agreements with platforms and social revenues from international rights, has allowed the amended budget at the beginning of the pandemic to be exceeded by 25.8%.

Social revenue by category

-Dramatic works: 5.8 million euros.
-Popular and symphonic music concerts: 13.4 million euros.
-Public communication: EUR 37.3 million.
-Broadcasting and cable: 77.4 million euros.
-Supports: EUR 3.6 million.
-Private copies: 11.3 million euros.
-Digital rights: 22.9 million euros.
-International rights: 28.2 million euros.

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