The SGAE welcomes readmission to the International Confederation of Authors and Composers (CISAC) 10/Mar/2021
After almost two years of temporary suspension, the Spanish management entity is once again a full member of the global organisation.

After having carried out the requested reforms, the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) has been readmitted as a full member of the International Confederation of Authors’ and Composers’ Societies (CISAC), as unanimously agreed by the CISAC Board of Directors today, Wednesday 10th March.

In this way, the entity completes its institutional renewal process and thus complies with both Spanish and European legal systems. Some of the aims that SGAE has achieved at this stage of normalisation as a management entity are the extension of voting rights for all of the members, the creation of the Supervisory Committee and the transfer of executive power to Technical Management.

"During this period of institutional updating, the CISAC has given us its full cooperation so that we could adapt to the international regulations and standards applicable to collective management. It is fundamental that management entities demand a series of actions from us with the aims of good governance, efficiency and good practices," stated the President of SGAE, Antonio Onetti.

"This has been possible thanks to the unity of the collective of authors, in addition to the willingness and the participation of our members, as well as the efforts made by the technical team to bring this institution up to date, all of whom have made the change possible.  With the return to CISAC and the approval of the statutes by the Ministry of Culture, both of which are bodies that watch over us, we have laid the foundations for a more democratic and plural entity. We must now continue to work together to achieve a more efficient SGAE,” said Onetti at the end of his speech.

In May 2019, the global organisation of authors’ societies agreed to the temporary exclusion of the SGAE until the Spanish Society made a number of changes that the CISAC considered to be indispensable in order to ensure the correct functioning of the collective management system.

The body, which represents 230 entities from 121 countries, develops, monitors and demands compliance with standards, which are voluntarily adopted, as binding best practices by the community of societies.

Among the requisites that CISAC demanded from SGAE they highlighted the approval of the entity's bylaws -in compliance with the Intellectual Property Law and European legislation-, the organisation of elections to renew all its governing bodies, and a series of measures regarding, among others, greater efficiency in the traceability, sharing and distribution of rights. These measures have been adopted by the organisation since April 2020 and finally reached their peak on 30th November by being endorsed by the members during the Special General Meeting.