The SGAE launches a support campaign for Culture and creators: “Arts only exist if you live them." 18/Dec/2020
Through a series of animated videos, the organisation encourages the protection of the cultural sector during this critical situation caused by the Covid-19 crisis

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has had an extremely serious effect with unknown repercussions, on all fronts and latitudes. Culture is undoubtedly one of the most affected sectors, where there are stages with only half of the normal audience or that are totally closed down. Creators have become some of the most unfortunate actors in this situation.

That is why the SGAE has launched an institutional campaign by means of a series of animated videos, in order to pay them both a generous and well-deserved tribute, to raise them to their corresponding position and celebrate their talent, as well as making the public more aware of the benefits that Arts and Culture contribute to society as a whole, so the importance of protecting, disseminating and encouraging Culture may be highlighted during such a critical period as that the sector is currently going through.

Because… is anyone able to imagine what would happen if music, cinemas or theatres disappeared from our lives? That song that you couldn't stop listening to over and over again during the best trip of your life, that film that you were watching when you kissed for the first time in that cinema, which is now a supermarket, that play in which you saw yourself so well reflected when you were going through a bad patch...

Arts only exist if you live them

In order that composers, playwrights, scriptwriters, choreographers... may be able to continue working in their profession, they need to earn a fair income for their work, their effort, and their talent. That is explained in the first of these informative videos, which also stresses the need to maintain intellectual property right in order for that to be possible and the importance of the role played in this process by management bodies, which give support and advice to authors, documenting their works or mediating on their behalf for the public use of their works.

Precisely along this line, the campaign, which is launched under the slogan "Arts only exist if you experience them", also states that "together is always better", insofar as management bodies allow authors to gain more benefits and assistance, as well as administering their rights in a more efficient way and in a collective rather than an individual manner.

Finally, it welcomes the revolution that has been produced by the appearance of new technologies in the cultural sector and the need to advance at the same rate as the digital era, but it also warns of some inconveniences that come with these advances: such as piracy or the low remuneration that authors receive for the presence of their works on digital platforms, for example.

That is why the SGAE wants to launch a cry for help for Culture and its main actors, because arts can only carry on existing if we all take care of them and protect them.