The members of SGAE finalise the institutional renewal of the organisation with the measures approved in the Assembly of 30 November 01/Dec/2020

Results of the Extraordinary General Assembly 30/11

The latest changes requested by the Ministry of Culture and CISAC have been approved by a majority and the five external members of the Supervision Commission have ratified

The organisation thus adapts to national and European legislation

The members of SGAE approved all the issues of the assembly

The members of the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) have approved by a majority the latest statutory modifications requested by the Ministry of Culture and the regulatory changes required by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

On election day, held electronically on Monday 30 November, the five external members who will form the organisation’s Supervisory Commission were also ratified. Furthermore, the members endorsed a series of proposals from the Board of Directors with the purpose of streamlining and improving the institution’s processes within SGAE’s modernisation plan.

All the members of the organisation, counting over 120,000, were able to exercise their right to vote in this Extraordinary General Assembly. With its members’ endorsement of these measures, the SGAE finalises its institutional renewal process that began last April and thus completes its adaptation to the norms and standards of collective management within the Spanish and European legal frameworks.

Approval of the statutory changes required a majority of more than 3/5 of the votes. In total, of 8,636 votes, 8,311 (96.24%) were in favour, 128 were against (1.48%) and 197 abstained (2.28%).

The reforms relating to the organisation’s internal regulations regarding the separation of groups, quarterly distributions and rights generated by large-scale concerts, were approved by 8,170 (95.02%) in favour, 213 against (2.48% ) and 215 abstentions (2.50%), out of a total of 8,598 votes.

The members also revalidated by 7,865 votes in favour (92.52%), 232 against (2.73%) and 404 (4.75%) abstentions, out of a total of 8,501, the appointments of external members who will form the organisation’s Supervisory Commission; namely Carlos Alberdi Alonso, Ignacio Astarloa Huarte-Mendicoa, Isabel Fernández de Córdoba, Coco Carmona and Urquiola de Palacio del Valle de Lersundi. These five valued and experienced professionals join the other five internal members who were already chosen in the elections which took place on 22 October: Joan Albert Amargós and Manuel Aguilar (Musicians Committee); Arturo Luna (Audiovisual Works Committee); Antonio Álamo (Performing Arts Committee); and Alma Martínez-BOA MÚSICA EDITORIAL (Musical Publishers’ Committee). The Supervisory Commission is an element of recent creation that, in compliance with European legislation, all management organisations must introduce into their structure, with the purpose of controlling the governing bodies of author societies.

The president of the SGAE, Antonio Onetti, wished to thank the “Ministry of Culture and CISAC for their cooperation and for their help in allowing us to achieve our objective of recovering institutional normality, as well as the efforts of the professionals of the SGAE and the patience shown by our members in this long and difficult process”. With the approval of these measures in the Extraordinary General Assembly of the SGAE held yesterday, the organisation “begins a new phase that, undoubtedly, must be governed by best practices, efficiency and the common good, and in which it must work to the fullest for the benefit of all of its members. We have also started a deep digital transformation process that will allow us to optimise our competitiveness and contribute to configuring a productive and sustainable model”, concluded Onetti.

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