SGAE will hold its General Assembly the coming 30th July 08/Jul/2020
For the first time in the history of the entity, all members will have the right to vote

The 2019 accounts and management report, statutory amendments requested by the Ministry of Culture and regulatory changes required by CISAC will be presented to the members for their acceptance

The Board of Directors of the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) agreed at its meeting held last Friday, July 3rd, to convene its General Assembly on July 30th. All members, of whom there are currently over 120,000, will be able to exercise their right to vote for the first time in the history of the entity. Their participation will provide a plural representative view of the reality of SGAE, taking into account the balance of its different branches.

The entity will present the accounts and the management report for the last financial year to the members for their review. The statutory modifications requested by the Ministry of Culture and Sport in its approval of the statutes of last May 25 will also be presented at the same time. In the same context of keeping the entity up to date, the members will also decide on the regulatory changes required by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

The changes in the statutes are aimed at giving the member a greater flexibility in the management of his/her rights and in the granting of licences for the non commercial use of his/her works, while also seeking to promote equal conditions for members regardless of the volume of their works administered; extending the power of the General Assembly in decision-making related to the Board of Directors; and increasing efficiency in the distribution of rights and control of the entity's economic resources.

On the other hand, the changes in the entity's internal regulations, required by the CISAC, affect the corresponding rights for music, which is broadcast on television. They seek greater equity and better balance in distribution and assignment, optimising the traceability between royalties and their shared rights, which would now permit the classification of members of the entity into groups according to their activities. The purpose of applying transparency, common good and efficiency principles to these measures is to adapt the entity’s activities to the international regulations and standards for collective management.

The Board of Directors has approved these initiatives and presents them to the General Assembly, the highest governing body of the entity, for their consideration.  That is why the members of SGAE should be those who ratify them at the General Assembly on the coming 30th July. This is the first milestone required for the updating and renewal of the entity, which will culminate with the election of all administrative bodies on 22nd October. Thus SGAE goes on to a new stage defined by responsible administration, management efficiency, good practices, the recovery of the trust of sister companies, and the management standards established in the Spanish and European legal framework.