The CISAC entrusts the SGAE Assembly with its definite decision regarding the entity 30/May/2019
The confederation confirms that it celebrates the positive advances recently applied by their President Pilar Jurado, in order to improve the situation

This decision guarantees full continuity in the entity’s operations, which will continue to use the common tools for international collection of funds and for managing their reciprocal agreements.

Download the communication from CISAC in PDF.

In a landmark decision, the annual Assembly of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), assembled in Tokyo, have given their vote of confidence to the management by the SGAE Board of Directors, presided by Pilar Jurado, during the last two months and although the Assembly has voted in favour of the temporary exclusion of SGAE, entrusts the duration of the measure to the results of the SGAE General Assembly, which has been convened for 24 June and its later management.

The CISAC, international organisation consisting of 239 author’s societies of authors from 122 countries, have positively evaluated the changes introduced to improve governance, and trusts that in the aforementioned General Assembly the partners endorse the changes approved by the entity’s Board of Directors, which fully respond to the requirements set out by the CISAC, as well as those of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Among the proposed measures to be approved by the General Assembly are the Statute modifications for their adaptation to the new Law on Intellectual Property, the creation of an Independent Supervision Commission, which will take control of the Government entities and development of the regulations for the e-vote for assemblies and other electoral processes, in order allow partners to fully participate in these activities. The Board of Directors also approved the distribution of the rights corresponding to December 2018 and June 2019 with the current legal criteria of a maximum of 20% for music emitted on TV in the night time slot.

The CISAC will change or cancel the temporary sanction which has been approved today, once it knows the result of the SGAE General Assembly.

The CISAC General Assembly has been able to count on the attendance of the President, Pilar Jurado, and Miguel Angel Recio, the General Director of SGAE, who have had meetings with very significant members and direction of CISAC, in which they have transferred the unequivocal willingness of this presidency to promote a very big change in the SGAE, improving transparency and of the control and supervision of the government entities.

Pilar Jurado said in Tokyo that, “The CISAC gives us an opportunity to decide about our future. Thanks to the work by the Board of Direction during these last two months, we have not only gained recognition of the effort by CISAC, but we have also gained its support for the process of change in our Society.   I appeal for all partners to ratify the changes made during the next General Assembly in order to meet the demands of CISAC and put this situation to rest for once and for all. It is a time for us to stick together and all to be generous and responsible regarding the future of our SGAE.”