You are the engine of our Culture

That is why we strive to ensure your creative activities are fairly appreciated.

We guarantee the protection of your work and we are committed to a fair and transparent share-out of your copyright earnings .

We offer you an outstretched hand through our social and assistance programme. 

We provide you with high-quality training, financial assistance and invitations for aid with cultural projects and many other advantages. 

We are ready to help you manage, promote and disseminate your creative works through our 12 regional offices, our 5 international offices and the reciprocal agreements in place with over 140 foreign management entities.

New to this?

Over 100,000 creatives (directors, scriptwriters, composers, lyricists, playwrights, choreographers, mime artists, …) and musical publishers, distributed around the globe, have already entrusted us with the management of their copyright dealings at national and international level. Come join us and benefit from our management skills and other advantages.

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If you are already a member, enter your personal on-line space in the Members area to register your new works, update your details and stay up to date about all aspects of how rights management affects you. if you are not yet an on-line Member, ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW

Register your Works

To be able to pay you the fees corresponding to you from the use of your works, it is essential for you to register them with our Society

This is how we share-out your rights

Consult the calendars relating to the payment of settlements, resolution of complaints and the conclusion of documentation processing for share-outs

  • 1

    Consult the payment dates for rights settlements during 2022


  • 2

    Consult the deadline for submitting complaints during 2022


  • 3

    Consult the documentation-processing deadlines for the share-outs indicated


International management

The SGAE has signed reciprocal agreements with over 200 other Foreign Societies of Authors, thus ensuring that you have your works protected in a multitude of countries. Our Society has undertaken to defend the interests in Spain of authors and publishers who are members of those other entities and, at the same time, those entities do the same for our members in their respective countries. That is why, if you are out of the your country of origin or your work is used abroad, you have nothing to worry about. We make sure you receive all the attention you deserve and collect what corresponds exclusively to you as a legitimate creator.

Advantages, advice, assistance, ...

In addition to the collective management of copyright, the SGAE offers a series of services and advantages for its members to improve their wellbeing

Legal advice – we will help you understand your copyright entitlement for the effective protection of the Intellectual Property you hold in your work, whether in the musical, audio-visual or stagecraft area, through traditional uses or with the new forms of digital exploitation

Financial support – obtain funds for your projects and major social benefits

Wellbeing of members –we generate spaces for mutually supportive creative and cultural development, as well as social attention for members

Development of associationism – we have implemented a new concept called the Association Development Space (EDA in its Spanish acronym) that is being rolled out in all the different territorial offices

Author Club – with attractive offers for our members

Mutual Society for Authors and Publishers – with the aim of offering Savings Plans and Insured Welfare Plans that adapt to the requirements of the authors and publishers in the SGAE, following criteria of the maximum security and profitability

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