Our mission

The Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) is a private entity devoted to the defence and collective management of the intellectual property rights of its over 100,000 members. Within this collective of creators, 90.921 are musicians in all genres and styles, 10.701 are authors of audio-visual works (screenplay writers, scriptwriters and directors), and 8.825 are dramatists and choreographers.
Active since 1899, the SGAE today administers a repertoire in excess of ten million musical, dramatic, choreographic and audio-visual works. As established in the Intellectual Property Act, the SGAE is entrusted with the defence and management of the rights of its members, i.e. the authors and publishers of the works. For this reason, our fundamental mission is to protect and share out the remuneration for our members resulting from the commercial use of their works (Public Communication, reproduction, distribution, transformation and Private Copying) and the management of licences among clients for their use. This task not only benefits our members but contributes to the protection of the extremely rich cultural heritage represented by our repertoire.
Our efforts are also useful for the consumers of culture, as we facilitate their access to protected works in a legally secure and viable manner.

Our model

The General Management team of the SGAE and its workforce of over 400 inside and outside Spain apply a collective management model characterized by transparency, efficiency and internationalization to ensure copyright is effective in the new digital global setting.

Under this model, every time one of the works created by our members is used for commercial purposes, its author receives a remuneration. To this end, at the SGAE we issue non-exclusive licences to users of dramatic, audio-visual and musical works, receive from them the remuneration established for their commercial exploitation and distribute these amounts among the authors and publishers, deducting solely and exclusively the costs incurred by this management activity.

As a result, the SGAE's clients are the people using our repertoires: leading technology companies, television channels and radio stations; cinemas, theatres, halls; nightclubs and other leisure venues, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

In order to determine the amount corresponding to each member, it is necessary to resort to complex computer systems such as data analysis tools that access the listings submitted by our clients and reflecting the works used (television, film, shows, concerts, music sales) or else surveys (at hundreds of radio stations, discotheques and similar establishments).

The presence of the SGAE’s teams at international fora on copyright is one of the fundamental axes of the entity’s global strategy. The SGAE collaborates with and participates in alliances and shared projects alongside other institutions to extend and strengthen copyright law
International Agencies

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