Become a member – As a successor

If you are the heir or successor of a member of the SGAE who has died, then you have to submit the following documentation to us to prove your status.

1. Death certificate.

2. Notarial deed accrediting the distribution and allocation of the estate, setting out the manner of the distribution of copyright, or else a private document signed by all of the heirs and successor stating the distribution and allocation of the copyright among them.

3. Tax receipt showing that the corresponding Estate Duty has been settled up..

4. Certificate from the Probate Register and a certified copy of the Last Will and Testament if the deceased member left a will. If no will was made or if a copy is not available, a formal declaration of heirs and successors made by a notary public will be required if these are first-degree relatives (father, mother, children, spouse), or else a certified copy of the Court Ruling declaring the heirs and successors, duly issued by the corresponding Court (normally the Court of First Instance corresponding to the last recorded address of the deceased), in the case of non-first-degree heirs.

5. Finally, after all of the above requirements have been complied with, each of the heirs or successors wishing to become a member of the SGAE must provide us with a passport-sized photograph, a photocopy of their respective ID cards or passports and they must complete and sign each of the forms provided below:


  • Send us both copies of the management contract so that we can send one of them back to you after you have been registered as a successor.
  • When there are multiple heirs it is important for everyone to designate one of the heir or successors as your joint representative vis-à-vis our entity in the field marked "Representative of the joint holders vis-à-vis the SGAE" on the application form.

* All of the above documentation can be delivered to the Territorial Office of the SGAE closest to you or, if you prefer, you can send it by mail to our Members Documentation Department at Calle Fernando VI, 4 in 28004 Madrid


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