Antonio Onetti, unanimously re-elected as President of SGAE
“We are going to carry on along the route taken to achieve a more pluralistic, more efficient SGAE that is ruled by good practice," said the playwright and scriptwriter

Sabino Méndez, Carlos Navarro, Fermín Cabal and Carlos Martínez will be vice-presidents of the entity during this new legislation, also unanimously

Antonio Onetti, playwright and scriptwriter has been unanimously re-elected as President of the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE), as was agreed by the entity Board of Directors, in a meeting today. With 39 votes in favour, none against and none abstentions, Onetti revalidated the position that he has held since last 30th Abril. Throughout its 120 years of existence, the SGAE has been presided by composers such as Ruperto Chapí, Amadeo Vives, Francisco Alonso, Jacinto Guerrero or Moreno Torroba; playwrighters such as Benito Pérez Galdós, Pedro Muñoz Seca, Carlos Arniches, Eduardo Marquina, Juan José Alonso Millán, Ana Diosdado or Santiago Moncada; or film-makers such as Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón or José Luis Borau.

Antonio Onetti stated in advance that his main objective in the presidency is "to continue along the route undertaken to achieve a more plural and more efficient SGAE that is governed by good practices and responding to the different sensitivities of all its members. The entity must be an example of good management, balance and also seeking common good. And in order to achieve this, we now have a Board of Directors united in a common project."

The author from Seville explained that, after approval of the new statutes by the Ministry of Culture and the General Assembly as well as the updating of the internal regulations, among other measures adopted in recent months as well as with the renewal of all the governing bodies "the SGAE has achieved a culmination in the institutional reform process.”

Onetti thinks that "we are living in difficult times, because the pandemic has created an unprecedented impact on the cultural framework. Even so, our agenda must be clear: we must work for an administration that is in line with current times and that is able to be as high as our members’ talents. We are responsible for giving the best possible service to our 120,000 members. This requires an efficient management and distribution of their rights," adds Onetti.

Vice-Presidents and Governing Board of the SGAE also unanimously

In addition to the election of the new President, four Vice-Presidents have been unanimously appointed to the Board of Directors today: Sabino Méndez, for the Minor Copyrights Committee; Carlos Navarro, for the Audio-visual Committee; Fermín Cabal, for the Major Copyrights Committee; and Carlos Martínez, for the Publishers' Committee.

The Board of Directors has also remained established, as the body responsible for the permanent and executive administration of the entity. In addition to the Chairman, it is made up of a total of 13 members unanonimously appointed by the Board of Directors at the proposal of the respective professional bodies. The Board of Directors will be made up of: Fermín Cabal and Eduardo Galán (Major Copyrights Committee); Sabino Méndez, Juan Parrilla, Manuel Marvizón, Pablo Salinas and José de Eusebio (Minor Copyrights Committee); Carlos Navarro, Joanes Urkixo and Antonio Meliveo (Audio-visual Committee); and Santiago Menéndez, Rafael Aguilar and Cecilia León (Publishers' Committee).

Recognized experience in representing authors [composers and publishers]

Antonio Onetti (Seville, 1962) has a degree in Dramatic Art from the Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art in Madrid ("Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid" - "RESAD" - in Spanish). At the beginning of his career he worked as a film and theatre actor. He is playwright, film and television screenwriter, stage director, and professor of dramaturgy and dramatic writing.

Founding member of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain and Secretary General in his first term, Antonio Onetti has been a member of SGAE since 1987 and has a wide experience in representing authors, composers and publishers in the society, having been linked to SGAE at different stages during his professional career. He was elected member of the Board of Directors at the elections held on October 26th, 2018, and currently was vice-president of SGAE for the College of Audiovisual Works. In 2012 he also belonged to SGAE's Board of Directors, being elected president of the former "Fundación Autor" (Author Foundation) and leading its transformation into what nowadays the SGAE Foundation is.

As a playwright, he has premièred and published a dozen plays in Spain and some others in different countries in Europe, America and Africa, and his works have been translated into English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Romanian. As a film and television scriptwriter, he is a specialist in bringing true stories and historical figures to the screen, as well as in all aspects of scriptwriting for daily series.

Some of his most noteworthy works are: Madre Caballo, La Puñalá and La calle del infierno, in theatre; Lobo, Lola y Operación E, in cinema; Padre Coraje and Los últimos días de Franco, in mini-series, and El Súper, Calle Nueva, Plaza Alta, in soap operas. He has collaborated as a screenwriter in Amar en Tiempos Revueltos, a daily series on TVE of which he was also one of the creators, together with Rodolf Sirera and Josep María Benet i Jornet, from 2005 to 2012; and its subsequent sequel on Antena 3, Amar es para siempre (from 2013 to 2015).

One of his most recent works as a scriptwriter was in collaboration with Sergio Barrejón and Rodolf Sirera on the series La catedral del mar ("The Cathedral of the Sea"), based on the best-seller of the same title by Ildefonso Falcones. Directed by Jordi Frades, its mini-series version, premièred in 2019, has received different awards, including the Gaudí Award as Best Film for TV at the 12th edition of the Catalan Film Academy Awards.