SGAE members have elected the 39 people who will make up their new Board of Directors
They have also chosen the members of the Supervisory Commission and the members of the 7 Territorial Councils
For the first time in the history of the entity, all members have had the right to participate and electronic voting has been made available.

As from today the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) now has a new Board of Directors. Yesterday's election day, October 22nd, was a historic date for the SGAE: For the first time, all of the over 120,000 members were able to exercise their right to vote in an election and, as a new feature, they were also able to do so by electronic voting. They had the opportunity to cast their votes at the polling stations established in Barcelona, Bilbao, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Malaga, Santiago de Compostela, Seville and Valencia, and also by post.

By all these means, the 39 members have been elected who, over the next four years, will serve on the Board of Directors, the highest governing, representative body. The members of the SGAE also elected the 5 in-house members of the newly created Supervisory Commission and the components of the entity's 7 Regional Councils: Andalusia, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, the Community of Valencia, Galicia, Madrid and the Basque Country.

Of the 3.097 members of the organization who have taken part in the election process for the Board of Directors, 2.712 have voted electronically; 259 have voted in person; and 126 by mail.

78 candidates have stood for election to the Board of Directors: 52 for the Minor Copyrights Committee; 6 for the Major Copyrights Committee; 9 for the Audio-visual Committee and 11 for the Music Publishers’ Committee.

The Electoral Commission, responsible for ensuring that this process ran smoothly, consisted of Urquiola de Palacio del Valle de Lersundi, President of the Ethics Commission; José María García Pedraza, Secretary of the Commission; Julio Sánchez Fierro, spokesman; and Eduardo Ezpondaburu, Secretary General of SGAE and authorised spokesman.

New Board of Directors

The Major Copyrights Committee (6 members), which includes writers of dramatic, drama-music and pantomime works, composers of drama-music or choreographic works and choreographers, will have a seat on the new Board of Directors: Fermín Cabal Riera, Ana Fernández Graciani (Ana Graciani), Eduardo Galán Font (Eduardo Galán), Marta Torres Blanc, Mariano Marín and María Jesús Pagés Madrigal (María Pagés).

For the Minor Copyrights Committee (16 members), which consists of composers and lyricists, the elected authors are: Juan Fernández Gálvez (Juan Parrilla), Manuel Marvizón, Sergio López Sanz (Haze), José Miguel Carmona Niño (Josemi Carmona), Pablo Salinas Delgado (Pablo Salinas), Mercedes Trujillo Callealta (Merche), Juan José Carmona Amaya, Pablo Cervantes Gutiérrez (Pablo Cervantes), Juan José Solana Gutiérrez, José Mª Eusebio de Rojas (José de Eusebio), Ignacio de Loyola Mañó Guillén (Nacho Mañó), Susana Egea Gómez, David Santisteban Marcos (David Santisteban), Javier Portugués Arribas (Horacio Arribas), Virginia Maestro Díaz y Sabino Méndez Ramos.

The members of the Audio-visual Works Committee (9 members), which consists of directors-producers, scriptwriters and audio-visual composers, are: Rafael Antonio Galán Pérez, Carlos Navarro Ballesteros, Silvia Quer Sabaté, Antonio Hens Córdoba (Leo Vega), Silvia Pérez de Pablos, David Planell Serrano, Antonio Ruiz Onetti (Antonio Onetti), Juan Urkixo Beitía (Joanes Urquijo) and Antonio Manuel Meliveo Mena.


The Supervisory Commission

The 5 internal representatives elected to the Supervisory Commission are Joan Albert Amargós Altisent, Manuel Aguilar Figuero, Arturo Luna Briceño, Antonio Díaz Gutiérrez del Álamo (Antonio Álamo) y BOA MÚSICA EDITORIAL, S. L.

This group has been created to supervise the governing bodies of the SGAE, in compliance with the transparency and regeneration goals, for the definitive adaptation of the entity to the current legal frameworks of Spain and Europe. The Commission will consist of the five above mentioned authors as well as five other members from outside of the Society with recognized experience in the intellectual property field.

The Regional Councils

With the election of the members of SGAE’s 7 Regional Councils, the renovation of the entity's governing and representative bodies has been terminated. Launched in 2012, these bodies aim to strengthen the representation for authors residing in each Autonomous Community in areas such as promotion, training and social assistance, extending their voice and giving them greater capacity to take decisions. The Canary Islands Territorial Council has been set up for the first time too as a new feature.


The elected members have been: Julia Ruiz Carazo and Javier Antonio García Expósito (Javier Latorre) (Major Copyrights Committee); José Antonio Prieto López, Jesús Carmona González (Jesús Bola), Inmaculada Mainé Roldán (Abril) and Francisco Carrasco Soto (Minor Copyrights Committee); and Arturo Cid Franco y Antonio Gonzalo García (Audio-visual Committee).

The Canary Islands

The elected members have been: Manuel González Ortega (Manuel Alejandro González Ortega) (Major Copyrights Committee); Diana María Pérez Meiriño, Rosa María Pérez Meiriño, Juan Carlos Coronado Currea and Carlos Zerolo Aguilar (Minor Copyrights Committee); and Juan Julio Tejera Hernández (Audio-visual Committee).


The elected members have been: Joan Vives Sanfeliu and Ezequiel Guillem Cófreces (Saki Guillem) (Major Copyrights Committee); Eduard Iniesta Torres, Ignasi Tarrés García (Natxo Tarrés), Joaquim Antoni Sunyer Llop (Max Sunyer) and Giulia Valle (Minor Copyrights Committee); Enric Gomà Ribas and Carmen Fernádez Villalba (Audio-visual Committee); and KASBA MUSIC, S. L. y MASS EDICIONS MUSICALS, S. L. U. (Music Publishers Committee).

Community of Valencia

The elected members have been: Juan Vicente Martínez Luciano and Rodolf Vicent Sirera Turó (Rodolf Sirera) (Major Copyrights Committee); Carlos Segarra Sánchez, Caroline MC Closkey, Fernando Ferrer Martínez (Ferrer Ferran) and Francisco Asís Valor Llorens (Minor Copyrights Committee); Manuel Francisco Cubedo Capella (Manuel Cubedo) and Luis Eduardo Pérez Cuevas (Audio-visual Committee); and INTERPRETACIONES ARTÍSTICAS, S. S., S. L. and PILES EDITORIAL DE MUSICA, S. A. (Music Publishers Committee).


The elected members have been: Miguel Ángel Costas Peón, Raquel Rodríguez Fernández, Alberto Gallardo Rodríguez and José Teodomiro Cardalda Gestoso (Teo Cardalda) (Minor Copyrights Committee); and Victoriano Sierra Ferreiro (Víctor Sierra) and Sergio Moure de Oteyza (Audio-visual Committee).


The elected members have been: Miguel Ángel Rojas Molina and Joaquín Gómez de Segura Mayorga (Major Copyrights Committee); Juan José Suárez Escobar (Paquete), Miguel Ángel Chastang Delgado, Rubén Balbino Rebolleda Herreros and Joaquín Chacón Sánchez (Minor Copyrights Committee); Antonio Fernández del Real (Antonio del Real) and Ramiro Maeztu Manso de Zúñiga (Audio-visual Committee); and SCHOTT MUSIC, S. L. and EDICIONES QUIROGA, S. L (Music Publishers Committee).

Basque Country

The elected members have been: Paula Susana Alfieri Ferreres and Óscar Castaño Baleirón (Garbitxu) (Major Copyrights Committee); Aitor Amezaga Asensio, Gontzal Mendibil Bengoechea, Fran Lasuen Gabilondo and Joshua Edelman Hochberg (Minor Copyrights Committee); Pascal Christophe Roger Gaigne and Oskar Tejedor Toquero (Audio-visual Committee); and CULTURA ROCK PUBLISHING, S. L (Music Publishers Committee).