SGAE regrets the multinational record publishing houses refusal to take part in the dialogue around the table, organised by Pilar Jurado

SGAE regrets the refusal of the multinational record publishing houses to attend the urgent dialogue around the table, organised by Pilar Jurado last Tuesday 25th June, as the entity had been informed.

Just as Atresmedia showed that they were fully prepared to cooperate in unblocking the entity, the multinational record publishing houses have declined the offer to bridge the gap in the difference which creates a confrontation between both stakeholders in the optimal development of the entity. The Ministry of Culture urged the society to reach an internal agreement, even though it refused to take part in the dialogue around the table.

On 25th of June Pilar Jurado sent a letter inviting Juan Ignacio Alonso to the dialogue, in representation of Sony/ATV as well as Santiago Menéndez Pidal, in representation of Warner Chapel, both being members of the Music Publishers Professional Organisation (OPEM); and Nuria Rodríguez, as representative of Atresmedia. The participation of Adriana Moscoso was also requested, who is the Ministry of Culture's General Director of the Cultural Industries, due to the aegis of SGAE by the Ministry.

The president of SGAE hoped that the joint dialogue would have been successful among those who made up the minority, who were blocking the resolution of the legal requirements for the approval of the new statutes that were accepted by the majority of authors.

Unfortunately, for some time, the multinational record publishing houses have been trying to put pressure on the entity in a lot of different ways so that the whole author community would accept their claims. The legal manner in which SGAE has conducted the whole process so far has prevented them from reaching their goals.

On the other hand, SGAE appreciates all the support that is has been given and is getting from the initiative for dialogue around the table, especially from the CISAC. The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) and SGAE work in coordination, ensuring that, to all effects, the entity is fully operational in exceptional circumstances, which have meant the temporary suspension of a member entity, and in the case of SGAE, as well as being a founder.  International transactions are maintained fully operational, thanks to this cooperation.