Choose license Do I need a licence for my business?

​​If you use protected works on your premises, then you need to obtain permission from the corresponding copyright holders. We are conscious it is impossible to obtain permission from all the individual authors, but you needn’t worry; to be able to use any musical or audio-visual work which is part of the repertoire of SGAE, whether it is Spanish or from abroad, you will need our licence to make use of such repertoire and increase the profitability of your business.

Examples of fees


(1) 6,13 € 12,33 € 24,66 € 65,73 €
(2) 6,34 € 10,60 € 19,02 € 57,13 €
(3) 105,80 € 105,80 € 126,99 € 169,32 €


(1) Musical accompaniments with a mechanical or electronic device without playback of images

(2) Accompaniments with a TV receiver

(3) Use of the SGAE repertoire by means of video or any other analogous audio-visual procedure

Due to space constraints, the information shown in the present table is only an extract or summary of the corresponding fee heading. To view the full table of fees and all the details about your application, use this link

Adaptation Law 21/2014. Link

What does this licence include?

  • Music

    ​Use of the musical repertoire through any medium (radio, TV, CD, the Internet, juke box, live performances, ...)​

  • Audio-visual

    ​Use of the audio-visual repertoire through any medium (TV, the Internet, laser disc, DVD, video, ...)

Puedes consultar tu licencia en el siguiente PDF

General conditions

Deductions and rate reductions

​Take advantage of up to 15% off the full fee amount by complying with the following requirements:
- Deductions:

5% for using direct debit plus 2,5% for half-yearly payment in advance or 5% for annual payment in advance.

- Allowances:

5% for membership of a Sectoral Associations or Federations.

SGAE has signed collaboration agreements with many sectoral associations. Please consult the agreements in place for your market.​

¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

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  • What criteria are used to establish the fees? (Accommodation)

    ​The use of the SGAE or foreign repertoire of dramatic works or Major Right works requires a different management regime from that for audio-visual or musical works, since dramatic works are managed under a mandate, with the rights holder retaining the exclusive right to authorize or not the express conditions for use, which means that the copyright amount or fee charged for the use of the Major Rights repertoire is a power exercised exclusively by the rights holders.

    The kind of tariff applied for the Public Communication of dramatic works is usually a percentage of the box-office revenue but the amount depends on several factors: where the aim is to put on an adaptation of the original work, a percentage is usually reserved for the adapter; when the work requires the authorization of third parties with rights over any music to be included or synced; when there are other registered holders of works included in the final result, … In other words, after a process of negotiation between the party requesting authorization and the different registered holders of the rights to the work, a final fee is agreed on and this is the rate applicable to the performances of the dramatic work.

    Since the fee is applied in the form of a percentage of the box-office revenue, it could happen that the event’s sponsors either do not establish any ticket price, do not declare it or else arrange for free admission or subsidized or promotional offers, all of which end up impacting on the tariff set in the authorization by the rights holder since the percentage is not being applied to the real basis of the business in question. For this reason, rights holders often set a minimum fee per performance, i.e. a minimum amount that ensures a sufficient consideration and this will prevail in those cases where the percentage applied to the box-office prices turns out to be lower.

    At the same time, these minimum fees enable the SGAE, as part of its responsibility to manage the collection of royalties, to apply these rates when there are no box-office records or no information is available about the takings at these performances.

    Through its Stage Arts Area, the SGAE processes the authorizations requested for dramatic works in order to generate a specific licence for each work in accordance with the mandate received from the rights holders. These licences regulate the tariffs mentioned and the conditions for use: territories, adaptation, exclusivity, languages, duration, … This licence processing activity includes the SGAE’s own repertoire and the foreign repertoires of other management societies or Dramatic Agents who engage the SGAE to manage their rights.​

  • Who gets the money you collect?

    ​It is distributed among the authors or registered holders (direct members and members of foreign entities) in accordance with the works used and how they are used, in the light of the direct documentation furnished and on the basis of statistics or surveys.

  • Why does the SGAE manage public communication rights?

    ​The mission of the SGAE is to manage the rights of its members in any form of Public Communication. In other words, “any and all act whereby a number of persons are able to have access to the work without the prior distribution of copies to each of them”.

    What use is the SGAE for users of musical, theatrical and audio-visual works?

    The SGAE facilitates the prior authorization users need to be able to make use of the works of authors, so that they do not have to approach each individual author separately, something impracticable without the benefits of collective management.

¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

Solicita aquí tu licencia y un representante de SGAE se pondrá en contacto contigo para la formalización del contrato