Choose license Do I need a licence for my premises?

​If you use protected works on your premises, then you need to obtain permission from the corresponding copyright holders. We are conscious it is impossible to obtain permission from all the individual authors, but you needn’t worry; to be able to use any musical or audio-visual work which is part of the repertoire of SGAE, whether it is Spanish or from abroad, you will need our licence to make use of such repertoire and increase the profitability of your business.

Examples of fees
Up to 50 m² 16,52 €
From 51 m² to 100 m²​ 19,30 €
Over 100 m² 27,54 €
For every 50 m² or fraction of surface area in excess of 200 m² 6,89 €

In return for an economic or any other type of consideration (juke box)
39,75 €

Human performance as background accompaniment, provided that there is no dancing and no area designated for dancing.

1 Fork Segunda (1 Taza) 75,31 €
2 Forks Primera (2 Tazas) 92,88 €
3 Forks Especial (3 Tazas) 110,40 €
4 Forks
140,55 €
5 Forks
160,65 €

You can access the full table of fees and consult other potential uses through the following link

What does this licence include?

  • Music

    ​Use of the musical repertoire through any medium (radio, TV, CD, the Internet, juke box, live performances, ...)​

  • Audio-visual

    ​Use of the audio-visual repertoire through any medium (TV, the Internet, laser disc, DVD, video, ...)

Puedes consultar tu licencia en el siguiente PDF

General conditions

Deductions and rate reductions

​Take advantage of up to 15% off the full fee amount by complying with the following requirements:
- Deductions:

5% for using direct debit plus2,5% for half-yearly payment in advance or 5% for annual payment in advance.

- Allowances:

5% for membership of a Sectoral Associations or Federations.

SGAE has signed collaboration agreements with many sectoral associations. Please consult the agreements in place for your market.

¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

Solicita aquí tu licencia y un representante de SGAE se pondrá en contacto contigo para la formalización del contrato


  • As I am subscribed to Movistar, am I exempt from paying Copyright Management bodies?

    ​No, clients will be responsible for payments for the Public Communication activity and the dissemination of the services contracted in the establishment. These payments must be made to the copyright management bodies in accordance with the provisions contained in current regulations (art. 20.2 section G) of the Consolidated text of the Intellectual Property Act (LPI), approved by means of Royal Legislative Decree 1 dated April 12th, 1996).​

  • If I buy original CDs or acquire music on the Internet, why do I have to pay?

    ​Because the purchase of a CD, cassette, vinyl record, etc. does not entail the right to play it in public. When you purchase a phonographic recording, you only acquire the right to use it in private.​​

  • Why do I have to pay to SGAE and to AGEDI-AIE?

    ​Due to the wide variety of rights holders present in certain exploitations of works and benefits protected contained in a particular medium. In other words, the SGAE manages the Rights of Authors, while the AGEDI deals with those of Phonographic Producers and the AIE those of Performing Artistes.​

¿Quieres obtener tu licencia?

Solicita aquí tu licencia y un representante de SGAE se pondrá en contacto contigo para la formalización del contrato

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