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Playwright, choreographer, mime artists, … At the SGAE, we combine all our efforts to reach together where you alone cannot reach.

Join up because, in addition, we can support you with training programmes, cultural promotion and assistance in cases of need.

Stage Arts Members

As a creator, you have rights that you can exercise effectively through our entity, founded as a response to your works management needs at both the national and the international levels

  • Membership categories

    1.- Playwright and librettist

    2.- Choreographers

    3.- Composer (musical works for theatre and dance, musical dramas))

    4.- Mime artists

  • Professional committee for Major Right Works

    The professional committees are made up of members of the corresponding Electoral College included on the Management Board. The mission of the Professional Committee on Major Rights is to propose strategies related to the Stage Arts and oversee the fulfilment of the goals approved.

    Choreography Working Party

    Working Parties are set up on the decision of the Management Board or the Board of Directors to analyse and propose reforms in the various areas of author rights management. To this end, the Choreography Working Party has been set up.

Stage Arts
Main Actions

These are some of the main actions we have implemented to improve the management of your rights

  • 1

    ​Re-founding of the STAGE ARTS department to consolidate all the management processes in one place.


  • 2

    Approval of the new tariff system for dramatic works.

    Consult tariffs


  • 3

    Consult with Major Rights members to authorize a new licence management model focusing on professional companies.

  • 4

    Start of the Migration from the technological platform for drama management and development of a client-facing licensing platform and the worldwide promotion of the repertoire​

  • 5

    ​Negotiations with business owners in the theatre and dance sector to enter into Agreements ensuring the payment of your rights​​

  • 6

    Creation of the Choreography Working Party.

The rights you are entitled to
  • Public communication rights

    ​These are generated whenever your work is disseminated in public. This is the case of theatrical performances, film projections, concerts, etc.​

  • Mechanical reproduction rights

    These are derived from the sale, rental or lending of media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) to the general public for the reproduction of your works.​

  • Private Copying remuneration rights

    This is the fee paid to creators by the manufacturers of CDs, videos, blank media and playback equipment.​


  • Tell us about your performances

    Regardless of the verification carried out by the SGAE into the use made of your works, you can also help by informing us. So if any of your works have been performed in a theatre or have been broadcast on radio or television, you can tell us about it so that we can confirm it.​


  • Complaints about payments received

    Find out here about the status of your copyright payments.

    Complaints about the collection of copyright​ ​​

  • Request a loan or an advance

    If you need to finance a creative project or are going through a difficult patch, you can count on us. The SGAE can provide you (*)with interest-free loans charged against your future copyright revenue. Download the application form and contact your nearest SGAE office. Loan Request Form (*) availability is subject to meeting the conditions defined in art. 235 of the Regulations of the SGAE.

    Request an extraordinary loan​ ​​​

  • Register your works

    You can register your works in person at our offices or else over our web site.

    Access the site to register your works online​ ​​

  • About our new fee system

    The priority of the new fee system is to guarantee access to the repertoire of dramatic works and the growth of staged performances. For this purpose, the SGAE manages dramatic or Major Right works on the basis of a Mandate from the rights holders, i.e. the parties owning the exclusive right to authorize their use, as well as to set the fees to be applied in each case, either by guaranteeing a percentage of the box office takings or else prices set for specific circumstances.

    View fees

    ​​ ​​

  • Exceptional nature of the Mandate for Major Right works

    Dramatic or Major Right works are managed under a Mandate from their respective rights holders, namely the parties holding the exclusive right to authorize their use. For this purpose, the SGAE requires all rights holders of works to indicate what percentage must be applied as the fee and what conditions are to be imposed on the performance of the work: territory, languages, duration, exceptionality, etc. In order to strengthen the management of licences and the collection of rights, a survey has been carried out to consult members. 


Max Awards

The Max Stage Arts Awards were created with the aim of rewarding and recognizing the efforts of professionals in the realm of the stage arts. The goals of these prizes are:
· To recognize the work done by creators, performers and producers..
· To achieve the maximum dissemination of the works from the previous season.
· To engage society as much as possible in collaboration with the professional sector, cultural agents, both public and private.

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