Register your works

To be able to pay you the fees corresponding to you from the use of your musical works (musical compositions with or without lyrics, jokes, sketches, staged poetry, songs created expressly for audio-visual works, etc.) it is essential for you to register them with our Society.

If you have never registered a work with the SGAE

If you are joining the SGAE as a member, you will have to register your works by filling in the corresponding register declaration form shown below:

If you cannot provide scores, we have a transcription service available to score your musical works. Please request information.


Before completing the Work Register Declaration, read carefully the Guidelines provided. All works registered must include:

  • The signature(s) of all the authors of the work.
  • The date and place of registration.
  • The full name and address of the <strong>person submitting the registration application.
  • In the case of works with music and lyrics, by default and unless agreed otherwise, our entity will apply a 50-50 split between the musical part and the literary part.

* All this documentation must be delivered to the SGAE Regional Office closest to you or, if you prefer, you can send it by mail to

Works Documentation: C/ Fernando VI, 4 - 28004 Madrid.

If you have already registered works with the SGAE

If you are already a member of the SGAE, you can register your works on-line, through the section called "Register your works" in our private area: 'members on line', or else by completing the register declaration form indicated in the preceding section.

Information for arrangers/adapters

If you are a musical arranger/adapter, you are going to be producing a musical composition based on a pre-existing work of another author, or if you want to register a literary work like a comedy sketch, monologue, staged joke, …, or a jingle included with an advertisement, or if you compose electronic music, etc., do not forget to consult the "Special Cases in Musical Work"section on our web site.

Modification of registered works

In order to alter a work that has already been registered, all of the registered holders listed on the current register entry must complete and sign the form requesting the modification of the work register and then register the new share-out of rights:

If you are looking for the legal protection of your work, we recommend you also register it on the Intellectual Property Register. Nonetheless, our entity also provides this service through the General Secretariat for a charge equivalent to the amount of the fees charged by the Registry itself. and do not forget that you can always go to our web site's "SGAE responds section if you have any doubt or query.

It is fundamental that you keep your repertoire of registered works up to date.

You can consult the list of your musical works already registered by clicking aquí.


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