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To be able to pay you the fees corresponding to you from the use of your dramatic and/or choreographic works, it is essential that you have them registered with our Society. You can register your works on-line, through the "Register your works" section of our private area:Zona privada: 'members on line', or by completing the corresponding registration form provided below:

If you don't have Acrobat Reader, download it free of charge by clicking here.

* All this documentation must be delivered to the SGAE Regional Office closest to you or, if you prefer, you can send it by mail to Works Documentation:

C/ Fernando VI, 4 - 28004 Madrid.


If you want to register an adapted dramatic work or musical drama, or a choreography created on the basis of a new or pre-existing musical composition, you will have to provide us with other additional documentation. Do not forget to consult the "Specific cases for Dramatic and/or Choreographic Works" section of our web site.

If you are looking for the legal protection of your work, we recommend you also register it on the Intellectual Property Register. Nonetheless, our entity also provides this service through the General Secretariat for a charge equivalent to the amount of the fees charged by the Registry itself and do not forget that you can always go to our web site's "SGAE responds" section if you have any doubt or query.


The Children's Theatre Prize SGAE Foundation has supported my way in theater for children and youth

Itziar PascualWinner of the XVI SGAE Children's Theatre Prize 2015