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The SGAE’s organs of governance are made up of creators themselves, elected to govern the entity. The management of the SGAE is the responsibility of its Management Board, the Society’s organ of governance and representation comprising 35 members of the entity. The 35 members are distributed among the various divisions or colleges making up the Society: Major Rights, Minor Rights, Audio-visual, and Musical Publishers. The permanent and executive administration of the Entity corresponds to the Board of Directors, which oversees the SGAE’s management and technical team, formed by over 400 employees.

Territorial councils

The Territorial Councils are collegiate bodies representing the collective of authors and made up of members of the SGAE who have been elected democratically by their peers. These councils currently focus on providing a voice for the authors resident in each of the territorial areas and to strengthen their representation in all decisions taken with respect to cultural promotion, training or social assistance.

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