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I don’t play Spanish music

The SGAE has entered into over 200 reciprocal agreements with foreign Societies of Authors so as to guarantee the protection of works in a multitude of countries and at the same time to ensure the protection of works from foreign entities in our country, thus the heritage administered by the SGAE is considered to be universal.
Bearing in mind that the repertoire is practically global, listing it all would be impossible as it would require the presentation of millions of documents. For this reason. the legislator only requires the SGAE to show that it is authorized by the Ministry of Culture and its Articles of Association include the management of the copyright claimed. Nonetheless, all the works administered by the SGAE are processed mechanically and managed under an Integrated Information System permitting instantaneous access to any data, thus ensuring a precise awareness at all times of the repertoire administered by the SGAE.
For all these reasons, it is up to the user to prove that the repertoire in use is free from copyright.