Monthly distribution of Major Concert royalties

SGAE begins 2022 with the monthly distribution of Major Concert royalties.

This is a new milestone in the entity’s current Digital Transformation process, in terms of speed, efficiency and transparency in the management and distribution of its members’ rights, as up until now these payments were made on a quarterly basis.

Therefore, from now on, members, as well as management entities with which SGAE has reciprocal agreements, will receive said rights the month after SGAE receives the Grand Concert royalties.

This substantial improvement puts SGAE at the forefront of the current collective management regulations in Spanish and European legal frameworks.

Greater control of the Pan-European digital market

This measure implemented by SGAE is in addition to the progress made by the organisation in the control of digital rights with the recent signing of the contract with BackOffice Music Services.

The aim of this agreement is to maximise the royalties from music platforms (Spotify, Google and Apple). This allows a more comprehensive control of the pan-European digital market, better traceability and optimisation of revenue processes and sharing of digital royalties among our members.

With almost two decades of experience in the music industry, BackOffice Music Services is currently active in 75 countries and provides technological services to some thirty music writers’ societies and hundreds of publishers throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Signing with BackOffice Music Services represents another step forward in the work being done by SGAE in the digital rights field, which has been a strategic objective for the organisation in recent years and has already yielded results for its members: in 2020, the organisation distributed 29.4 million euros, 90% more in digital rights than in the previous financial year.