SGAE to hold elections on 22 October 2020
The collecting society is returning to normal activity following approval of its statutes by the Ministry of Culture

With the measures approved at its meeting today, the entity is one step closer to achieving its aim of full compliance with basic CISAC requirements and regaining full membership

At today’s meeting, the Board of Directors of the Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) resolved to hold elections on 22 October 2020. This decision responds to its desire to restore normal functioning at the institution following the recent approval of its statutes by the Ministry of Culture. This marks a new stage for the authorial collective.

For the first time in SGAE’s history, the electoral roll will extend to all members of the Society. This makes for a more democratic entity as all members will now have the right to vote to elect the 39 members of the entity's new Board of Directors.


Members will also have to elect the components of the new Supervisory Commission. This is a new body created with the aim of overseeing the governing bodies. It will be composed of five authors (SGAE members) and five external members with recognised professional experience in the field of intellectual property rights.


At the forthcoming elections on 22 October, members will also select the components of the Territorial Councils of Andalusia, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Galicia, Madrid and the Basque Country. Launched in 2012, the aim of these councils is to strengthen the representativeness of authors resident in the Autonomous Community in decision-making regarding promotion, training and social assistance. Also, for the first time, the Canary Islands Territorial Council will be constituted.

These measures approved by SGAE’s Board of Directors respond to the need to adapt the operation of the entity to international collective management regulations and standards. In this last year, the Spanish Society has worked internally to improve its practices in accordance with CISAC requirements and in doing so hopes to regain its position as a full CISAC member.

The starting point for SGAE in this new era has been to emphasize on the collaboration with all institutions upon which it depends, the Ministry of Culture, supervising entity of the collecting society, and CISAC. A roadmap marked by cooperation, dialogue and the full compliance of all requisites to get back to normal life.