All members of SGAE may vote in the elections on 22nd October

SGAE elections will be held next Thursday, 22nd October.  For the first time in the history of SGAE all members, which are currently over 120,000, will have the right to vote.

Furthermore, all members of the 4 collectives that make SGAE (musicians, audio-visuals, performing arts and music publishers) will be fully represented in the governing bodies, guaranteeing plurality and equality among the collectives.

It is also the first time that advanced electronic voting has been made available for SGAE elections.  By doing this we seek to make it as easy as possible for members to participate. It will also be possible to vote by post or in person.

The elections are to vote for:

- 39 members of the Board of Directors.
- 5 internal elected members for the Supervisory Commission
- And the members of the Territorial Councils.

If you need any further information you can enter here.