Adrián Restrepo, appointed as Director General of SGAE
Restrepo is currently working as CISACS’s auditor and has been a SGAE consultant. He has a wide experience in directing managment entities in different countries.

The current Director General, Juan Carlos Angaramo, whose contract with SGAE ends on March 5th, will remain linked to SGAE as an advisor.

Adrián Restrepo Rendón, intellectual property expert, with a long career in leading different management entities in Latin America and current auditor of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), has been appointed SGAE’s Director General at the Board of Directors on February 27th.

Restrepo, a Colombian national and 54 years old, is a systems engineer and an expert on new technologies applied to intellectual property management.

He has an extensive professional experience in financial management and in the leading of different countries’ management entities, like the Colombian SAYCO, where he worked as CEO or the Peruvian APDAYC, of which he was Deputy Director General. His previous work for SGAE as a consultant for projects relating to the Global Copyrights Organization (OMPI) in the creation and development of management partnerships in the Caribbean and Central America stands out as part of his international experience.

On a technical level, he took part in the implementation of information and infrastructure systems for partnerships across 17 different Latin American and Caribbean countries within the LatínNet program. He also participated in work groups of the Common Information System (CIS) of CISAC, in which he specifically propelled the Data and Information Quality Project worldwide as part of a common strategy for the development of software in Latin American management partnerships.

Once SGAE’s statutes have been approved, Adrián Restrepo’s appointment will allow the organization to boost its international strategies, as well as undertake a digital transformation to better adapt itself to new challenges in the managment of royalties, through an extensive technical know-how and experience in BackOffice for multiple companies and management partnerships.

SGAE’s Chairwoman, Pilar Jurado, wants to thank the current Managing Director, Juan Carlos Angaramo, whose contract expires on March 5th, for both his “work and dedication”, as well as his “commitment”, which will allow the organization to keep relying on his “experience and knowledge”.