Judge refused the reincorporation to the SGAE Board of Directors of dismissed publishers 30/May/2018
Representatives from Warner, Emi and Peer Music, dismissed from the highest governing body of the entity, have seen their request for interim measures dismissed

The current structure of the SGAE Board of Directors meets all the legal criteria

The judge of the court of 1st instance number 96 of Madrid has ruled against the interim measures requested by the multinational publishers MUSICAL EDITIONS WARNER BROS LTD, PEER MUSIC ESPAÑOLA SAU AND EMI SONG ESPAÑA LTD to re-join the SGAE Board of Directors. The magistrate dismissed the claim of the plaintiffs to be reinstated to their positions while the proceedings have not been resolved.

The three publishers were dismissed from the highest governing body of the company in compliance with the ruling issued in October 2017 by the court of 1st instance No. 17 of Madrid. The ruling established that the multinationals evaded the grounds for ineligibility of the entity's Statutes.

Their action, described by the judge as "abuse of rights and fraud of the law", consisted of submitting different commercial companies in order to remain on the governing bodies for more than two consecutive terms, including using the same individuals as representatives. Thus, some of them managed to remain for more than 25 years.

Therefore, the law agreed with the independent publishers, who had protested against the decision of the SGAE electoral commission to proclaim them candidates in the elections of February 2015.

Thus, the SGAE wishes to make it clear that the current structure of its Board of Directors complies with all legal requirements.